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John Deere Walker - Chaff Breaker Kit

John Deere Walker Chaff Breaker Kit

The Kuchar Chaff Breaker does not allow air under the walker, because air to 1/3rd of the pre-cleaner is shut off. OEM prechaffers are recommended to be run closed on all crops except corn; this will allow air to go under the walker and keeps grain up so it can not fall through the walker. The Kuchar Chaff Breaker has a shaking shoe action to seperate grain from the chaff. As grain comes off the chaff breaker, the Kuchar design gives it a blast of air to seperate the chaff from the grain. The precleaner should be 1/8" more than the bottom sieve, so it can be used in all crops. It benefits your harvesting by making it faster and more efficient, due to twenty percent seperation on the pre-cleaner.

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