Kuchar High Performance Parts For
John Deere Walker - Concaves/Finger Grates

John Deere Walter - Concave

The Kuchar concave gives you 23 ½" surface for more thrash and separation compared to 11 ½" of surface on the John Deere. The Kuchar concaves release the material below the center of the cylinder, compared to the John Deere's concave releasing material above the center of the cylinder, thus eliminating back feed over the cylinder on a Kuchar Concave.

John Deere Walker Finger Grate

The Kuchar Finger Grate improves seperation in corn and beans because the material is aerated and fluffed between the cylinder and the beater. The Kuchar Grate feeds the beater in a lower position, resulting in substantially less back-feed over the cylinder. Larger than the standard O.E.M. by 20 square inches (30%), the Kuchar Finger Grate will help your combine deliver more capacity and cleaner grain without back-feeding.

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