Kuchar High Performance Parts For
John Deere STS - Rasp Bars & ImpellerJD STS Rasp Bars & Impeller

The rasp bar technology moves the material on the top of the cage as well as on the concaves to give you a better job of thrash so it doesn't overload the shoe. It gives a better separation and a cleaner sample in the bin with less cracking and grinding of the grain. It pulls easier and uses less fuel.

JD STS ImpellerJD STS Impeller

The Kuchar Impeller does not block off the flighting. The Kuchar Impeller design allows for an even feed of crop into the rotor, which allows for a better job of thrashing and more separation. It also eliminates dust coming out of the feeder house. The John Deere Impeller blocks the front of the rotor and will not let the material through. This leads to back feed over the feeder chain and causes dust to come out of the front of the feeder house.

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