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We want to hear from you so please feel free to contact us by:


Phone: 217-854-9838

Fax: 217-854-6076

Kuchar Combines
300 Illinois 4
P.O. Box 595
Carlinville, IL 62626



Phone: 507-327-3693 (Gary Caldwell)


Phone: 815-520-8170 (John Gustafson)


Canadian Flag

Rick Galbraith 306-436-7895 - Saskatchewan
Mike Galbraith 306-436-7360 - Saskatchewan

ARGUS 2000 519-219-4205 - Listowell, Ontario


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Bayer Handelsvertretung
York-Th.Bayer Pechelsdorfer Str. 71 D-13595 Berlin

Phone: 49-(0)30-75704620
Fax: 49-(0)30-75704621
Ust-Id: DE 157439486


From Interstate 55: Take Carlinville/Route 108 exit #60. Head west 12 miles to Route 4 South. Make left onto Route 4. Take first right into drive for Kuchar Combines.

Heading north on Route 4 toward Carlinville, turn left at last drive into Kuchar Combines before the Route 108/Route 4 junction.

From Carlinville: Head east on Route 108/East 1st South Street. Turn right onto Route 4 South toward Gillespie. Make first right into drive for Kuchar Combines.